Extended Day

“Extended day”. This package includes either 3 dives in our “normal” area OR a trip to the Naeco (or other further south wrecks) & 1 other off shore dive. ( 2 total ) The Naeco and the others are WWII wrecks that are a little father out and therefore visited less frequently. These dives “ALMOST” always results in better viz, warmer temps & siteings of more rare & larger marine life. This is one of the crew’s favorite dives. Spear fishing is prime, tho recently Numerous sharks have been sited here including a large Tiger & a Great White shark! Narcosis was considered til one of the other boats confirmed that they too had seen it. Other marine life including a Manta, reef sharks, black tips sharks, hog snappers, and on & on are seen here regularly. “THIS IS NOT A GURANTEE” but the entire crew & Captain claim this as our favorite dives, so something must be good about it! These are also deeper wrecks and it is possible to exceed recreational limits. These wreck’s are to be approached & planned with EXTREME CAUTION! There is the bow section of the Naeco, the Cassimir, the Normania and the Lobster wreck are other sites that we can visit on the extended day. This charter package accommodates a maximum of 6 divers per USCG regs.

Additional requirements- AOW or higher & a Min. 50 ocean dives and 25 N.C dives. Nitrox or Tri-mix mandatory.

Extended Day Fees – $750 per day PLUS fuel cost. Expect about 125 gls or greater for this long day.

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